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DOAG 2020 Conference + Exhibition

from 17-19 November 2020




The DOAG Conference + Exhibition is the leading conference focusing on Oracle technologies in German-speaking countries. With their longstanding tradition and deep understanding of modern information technology, our community supports developers, administrators, and technical decision-makers in mastering their profession successfully in our agile world. For an ideal exchange of experiences of its participants, the training platform therefore also covers related technologies, open source, current trends, and methods as well as soft skills topics.

The DOAG 2020 Conference + Exhibition will take place from 17-19 November 2020 as a moderated online conference.

Due to the current corona situation, however, we are forced to adapt the hybrid concept of our event: The event must now take place as a moderated online conference. In Nuremberg, our TV studio will be set up, from where the entire event will be moderated throughout.

Our Highlights


Oracle 20c New Features

With Oracle 20c we get, among other things, In-Memory for free. We examine down to the last detail what additional features and special features come with the new database version. In particular, we focus on the topics of migration/update and monitoring.



With the Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OVLM), Oracle has been offering a new option for virtualization since 2019. We share our operating experience with OVLM, also in interaction with the Engineered Systems Exadata, ODA, PCA. In addition, we deal with the migration from Oracle VM to OVLM and virtualization under VMware.



The usage of multiple cloud services in a heterogeneous infrastructure is currently the preferred approach for many organizations in the field of cloud computing. At the DOAG 2020 Conference + Exhibition, we will get to the bottom of the Multicloud from strategy to technical implementation.



After all these years, the Multitenant architecture has been tried and tested. Benefit from the experience of the community and learn how migration to Multitenant or in the cloud is done, how Multitenant behaves in the Standard Edition and with Data Guard and what needs to be taken into account for monitoring. With Oracle 20c, new features come into play, with which we deal intensively.


Performance Optimization

Poor performance can cost a lot of money. That is why it is important to deal with the topic of performance optimization. You can find out the tools that can be used, the alternatives to AWR and ASH, and how to perform performance optimization in the Standard Edition.


Exadata & ODA: New Products

With the database version 20c, the engineered systems also benefit from the new features. How does Exadata work with In-Memory and Autonomous Database? What is the status of the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF)? What is the practical experience with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8M or with the upgrade to ODA Release 19? We share our knowledge with the community.


Serverless & Integration Solutions

The serverless approach enables developers to focus on their code. They can usually ignore the infrastructure, such as provisioning the server, and concentrate on their app. You can find out what this approach means for integration solutions in the stream Development & Middleware.


Cloud Native as a Basis for Development

The Cloud Native architecture is based on a number of principles such as modularization, autonomy, and networking. From microservices and containerization to scheduling and orchestration to service mesh and CI/CD, we illuminate all facets of the cloud native principles for modern integration solutions.


Database Development & PL/SQL

The database releases 19c and 20c also contain some treasures for developers that still have to be discovered. On top of that, we put the tried and tested knowledge on a wide base: DB modeling, performance tuning, code quality, analytics functions, or regular expressions are just some of the topics that we cover.


APEX 20.X: New Features

With Oracle APEX, developers can efficiently create professional business apps with a structured user experience. In APEX 20.X, there are many new features such as the redwood design, native PDF-printing, or the mega menus. Learn how to use it to meet objectives faster.


CI/CD with JavaScript

Continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD) ensure continuous automation and monitoring during application development. Our speakers will show you which special features of JavaScript are to be taken into account and how you can build your pipeline.


API-Management & Integration

Design first versus code first - there are different approaches and many tools for the provision and integration of APIs and services. For example Open API, Swagger, or Oracle Apiary. We evaluate the API Gateway from Oracle and others and focus on the integration on Avro, Protobuf, Async API, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle SOA Suite.


Data Warehouse

Contrary to some forecasts, the traditional data warehouse is still highly relevant. DW systems continue to provide reliable information, but the analysis processes have undergone a remarkable transformation. We take a close look at the status quo, look into the future and highlight current topics such as structured/unstructured data.


AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

AI, ML, and DL are not the trend topics without any reason. In many cases, the realization of new business areas in the context of digital transformation is only possible by analyzing large amounts of data with the help of artificial intelligence. We give you an overview and consider exciting application fields such as reinforcement learning and natural language processing.


Analytics as a Service (AaaS)

Getting useful insights from the large amount of data poses great challenges for companies. Instead of employing a data scientist in-house, more and more companies are using Analytics as a Service. The outsourcing promises to reduce costs and increase sales.


Big Data

Thanks to intelligent, networked machines, more and more data is being created that offers promising analysis options. We examine the most important big data architectures such as lambda technology and the NoSQL approach, which promises agile information processing with high scaling.


Data Lakes

What is the status of the projects in the Data Lake area? In addition to a critical examination of current developments, there is plenty of room for success stories relating to the use of new technologies. Use cases and future-oriented experience reports provide valuable practical knowledge on the way to becoming a data-driven company.


Soft Skills

In many places they are still underestimated: the so-called soft skills, beyond the technical knowledge. But it is precisely those skills such as communication, networking, mindfulness, or resilience that make the difference. Companies that identify and strengthen their employees' soft skills can gain a clear competitive advantage.


Society and Ethics

IT has changed our world like no other industry. And this is only the beginning. The great influence gives rise to an equally great social responsibility. In particular, the use of artificial intelligence presents us with new ethical challenges. At the DOAG 2020 Conference + Exhibition, we will therefore take a closer look at the topic of ethics in IT.


Company Culture

The shared values and the relationships between organizational levels shape a company's decisions and actions - both internally and externally. We examine topics such as leadership, generation differences (digital natives vs. immigrants) and work-life balance. A particular focus is on new forms of work such as home office and remote work, which have recently gained even more relevance.


Licensing and Support

Oracle licensing and support are hot topics – and not without reason: They always challenge even experts. Learn how to legally license and save unnecessary costs on Oracle support. In particular, we look at the increasingly relevant areas of 3rd Party Support and Open Source.



In our time of constant changes and uncertainties, it is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world to proactively face the new challenges. Instead of being driven by changes, methods such as business agility aim to drive forward shaping the future. Look forward to exciting experience reports and innovative approaches in the field of project management!


Opportunities from the Crisis

"Every crisis also presents opportunities." A phrase that you hear again and again, especially in the age of corona. In order to really bring it to life, it is important to identify and tackle the opportunities. Together with you, we want to draw up a first summary of the corona crisis and look optimistically into the future: What has the crisis taught us so far, what are new possibilities?


Dev vs. Ops: Can they work together after all?

It is the eternal battle since the invention of the database: Developers vs. DBAs, Dev vs. Ops. The agile principle DevOps promises agreement. But why is it so difficult in practice to place DevOps tools like Git, Ansible, Terraform, Bamboo/Jenkins or Jira at the DBAs, when, from an audit point of view, it would be urgently necessary? We provide the answers.


How secure is Operation in the Cloud?

Moving into the cloud promises numerous competitive advantages. Nevertheless, there is a certain caution in many places about this step. In particular, the field of security is holding back considerations of many companies. Our experts examine the most important aspects and give you a clear view of cloud computing and security.


DevOps and Security: DevSecOps

IT security is a mandatory part of a good DevOps strategy. The agile approach of DevOps increases efficiency: Development cycles become faster and more frequent, eliminating traditional security practices that are only used in the final phase of development. This is where the DevSecOps principle comes into play, which integrates security from the very beginning.


Testimonials about Migration into the Cloud

Are you facing cloud migration in your company or playing with the idea of moving into the cloud? At the DOAG 2020 Conference + Exhibition, you can expect both inspiring and insightful testimonials. Benefit from Best Practices and Lessons Learned from other migration projects!